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Daley Mendel

Research Analyst

Daley Mendel joined Square Deal Investments in 2020 and serves as the Research Analyst. Her role is focused on providing market underwriting for the existing portfolio while also providing national market trends for targeted acquisitions. Daley believes that quantitative data is only as helpful as it is digestible and her Bachelors in Marketing proves helpful in communicating relatable market analytics. 

Before officially joining the Square Deal team, Daley worked for a property management firm, Robinson Park and CEO, Mark Beffort as his research analyst. Prior to working in commercial real estate, Daley worked in banking for nearly a decade underwriting commercial loans and performing portfolio analysis. 

Outside of the office, you can find Daley outdoors with her family. Daley is a self-proclaimed foodie, enjoys a good cup of coffee, and loves to travel to new cities to indulge in both.