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Evolution of Square Deal Investments


Gene McLaughlin founded the Square Deal Grocery in Austin, Minnesota.

Gene’s son Dave started his career working for one of the nation’s largest meat producers, George A. Hormel and Company.


Dave McLaughlin along with his partner Paul Allen, co-founded Advance Meat Company, a manufacturer of hamburger patties and breaded beef products based in Enid, Oklahoma.

Advanced Food Company grew into one of the largest and most respected food production companies in the country.


The McLaughlin and Allen families sold a majority interest in Advance Food Company.


The McLaughlin family identified a need to position resources for the future. Square Deal Capital, Inc. was created and aptly named after Gene McLaughlin’s original grocery store in Minnesota.

Square Deal Capital, Inc. is the single-family office for the McLaughlin family. It deploys assets in a variety of directed and managed strategies including public equities, commercial real estate and development, private equity, and fixed income.


Square Deal Investment Management, Inc. is established to serve as the asset management and investment allocation arm of Square Deal Capital, as well as manage a real estate partnership strategy comprised of an expanding pool of accredited investors.